Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Camp Humphrey's Branch

We have been assigned to the Camp Humphrey's Branch.  This branch has about 100 members, of course, not all of them active members.  There are soldiers who are members that are here without their families.  They have come to Korea on an unaccompanied assignment.  We need them in the branch.  They are priesthood holders and bring a strength to the branch.  We are assigned to this branch as a support to the member families.  Our apartment is about 1 block from the church house.  This building is a rented building.  The church paid the landlord to remodel it for the members so it could be used as a church house.  When we walk to church on Sunday we pass Korean's who are working.  We pass Korean's who are walking to church.  We say good morning to them, but they don't understand English.  So we have learned how to say "Good Morning" in Korean.  It is Sonsaeng Nim, pronounced this way, "Sunsang Neem".  Now when we go to church we can tell them good morning in Korean. 

LDS Church in Pyeongseong
 Here is some information that may interest you about the religions in Korea.  Buddhism is one of the older religions in South Korea. It comes from the Mahayana branch of Buddhism, similar to China and Japan. It's influence in society has declined recently, but there are still many Korean's that practice Buddhism. The pictures below are of various temples that followers will visit.
Praying before a statue at Yonggungsa Temple Yonggungsa Temple unusually situated on the Shore     Kyunghiroo Temple in the Fall      

Temple in Pyeongseong, city where we live
Christianity has become more and more popular in recent years in South Korea. Christianity was introduced to Korea by the Jesuits in China. Catholics spread very quickly, but were persecuted by the King who perceived it as a threat. Protestants began to enter Korea in the late 19th century. Some of the world's largest churches will be found in Korea.  Below are the churches in the city in which we live, Pyeongseong.



  1. In the late 90's the branch met at the chapel on Zoeckler Station (pardon my spelling)