Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Elder and Sister Riding enter the MTC

We are so happy.  We will serve here.

We entered the MTC on October 29, 2012.  We met a lot of wonderful senior couples who were going to serve throughout the world.  We learned how to preach the gospel to those who are honestly seeking the truth.  We role played being missionaries with volunteer people who acted as investigators.  It was a very rewarding experience.  We attended classes on how to teach institute classes.  The Church education department has some wonderful CES trainers.  We also learned what it is to be on a Military Relations Mission.
Cheri and Richard Faulkner and Elder and Sister Riding
These are a few of the people that we met while in the MTC.  We met Richard and Cheri Faulkner. We knew them in Sacramento California when we were stationed at Mather Air Base. It was such a wonderful surprise meeting them again. They are serving their mission in Florida.

In our district were Elder and Sister Spek and Elder and Sister Livingston.  The Spek's are serving a mission in the Netherlands and the Livingstons are serving in California.  We will treasure our time with them at the MTC.

Elder and Sister Livingston, Elder and Sister Riding and Elder and Sister  Spek
Todd Jenkins is a very good friend of Elder Ridings.  They worked at Albertsons together.  Todd has a son serving in the MTC in the referral phone center.  We got to see him and spend some time talking to him.  We mostly saw him in the cafeteria.  By the way, the food was great and we enjoyed visiting with Kelton.

Kelton Jenkins and Elder and Sister Riding
This is our CES Training group.  We honestly can't remember all of their names, but we love them all just the same.  What a wonderful group of diligent, valiant, members of the church.  We feel it a privilege to have been with them in the MTC.   

Our MTC Church Education Services District
          This is a picture of the entire group of Senior Missionaries who entered the MTC when we did. 

Elder Riding is on the bottom back on the right of the picture, third to the left.  Sister Riding is standing in front of him.

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